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Today's economic reality permeates every aspect of our personal and business lives. Excess consumption, runaway costs, bigger being better, and irreverence for our human and capital resources are becoming things of the past. 

Fiscal responsibility and growing respect for our planet's scarce natural resources are taking priority over our unlimited wants, resulting in prudent financial decision making and a heightened level of environmental awareness, attitudes and behaviors.

At Big 3 Packaging, we don't just talk about the notion of financial and environmental responsibility; we deliver it. We manufacture high quality, high performance liquid cleaning concentrate solutions in 100% water soluble packaging.

PAK-IT® embodies an environmentally conscious design--from the products themselves to their delivery system. The entire pak and its contents dissolves in water to produce the desired cleaning solution.  The sturdy, reusable bottles drastically reduce waste.  And since we do not ship water, our unique design and packaging reduces the environmental impact of transporting cleaning solutions along the supply chain.

Conventional cleaning solutions are typically shipped several times from manufacturer to distributor before reaching the end user. Each quart may travel thousands of miles before being purchased. The carbon footprint of transporting our products, however, is less than 10% of conventional cleaners.  A combination of minimal packaging and a dissolvable delivery mechanism enable our products to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and landfill space by over 90%!

In today's marketplace, many companies claim that their products reduce costs or are certified as "green."   By whose standards? Their own!

Fortunately, some basic math and common sense determine if a product can improve your bottom line profits. Our chemical concentrates are less expensive to produce, less expensive to ship and less expensive to store.  This  means we can pass along lower production and freight costs to our clients, and eliminate the high costs of field service representatives constantly visiting your workplace to top off your Jan San supplies.

Our water soluble portion-controlled delivery mechanism is small, concentrated, and easy to use, improving labor productivity by reducing unnecessary trips to refill stations.  Our paks measurably result in vast improvements in inventory management and the ability for more accurate budgeting and forecasting.

If your organization is still using conventional cleaning methods, we invite you to visit:  www.big3packaging.com. Or, call our customer service line at: 1-800-426-1127 and see how we can maintain your performance while lowering your costs and advancing your environmental agenda.


Richard A. Higgs
Big 3 Packaging LLC

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People. Planet. Profit. 

Proud to be a provider of environmentally-friendly products for nearly a decade, Big 3 Packaging originated out of a demand for sustainable alternatives, and to this day our guiding principles remain the same - people. planet. profit.

At Big 3 Packaging we strive to meet the needs of an ever-increasing savvy community, with careful attention to environmental impact, while achieving profitable growth, known as the triple bottom line (TBL).  Research has shown that companies with sustainable practices boost profitability through a happy and healthy workforce and client base. It is a true business imperative for companies of all sizes, and a benchmark for successful industries throughout the USA. Here at B3P, we constantly look for innovative solutions to meet our TBL goals. Our PAK-IT® product line is safe, sustainable, and saves money and time. We love our products and we think you will too!

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