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How much lead time do you need to process an order? What kind of inventory do you maintain?

The answer is dependent upon the total volume you need in a shipment. The average lead time in this industry is up to 15 business days. We pride ourselves in shipping our orders usually within 10 business days. We maintain a healthy inventory of our best selling products and have several suppliers ready to ship raw ingredients as required.

How quickly can I get my order after I place it?

Our standard shipments take anywhere from 3-6 days to arrive at your location -- it depends on where the product is being shipped. We provide tracking numbers and you can follow your shipment from the time it leaves our facility until it arrives at your door.

How do I know that Big 3 Packaging is going to be here for the long run?

We are a well-funded, highly efficient manufacturing firm. We are here not only to continue the tradition of the PAK-IT® solution line, but to broaden our scope with new, innovative packaging solutions for a variety of industrial, commercial and consumer applications. We're not going anywhere -- we've just begun.

How do DCL and B3P work together?

Big 3 Packaging (B3P) focuses on our portion controlled, water soluble liquid packaging solutions. Its primary product to date is the cleaning concentrate product which is branded PAK-IT®. On the other hand, DCL, historically known as Dickler Chemical Laboratories and sometimes referred to as DCL Solutions, focuses on manufacturing traditional water based bulk chemical products; our primary brand is Vanguard. DCL will continue to research and develop a wide range of chemical formulations.

Do these products really work? Have you had them tested by a third party?

YES. They do work and they work very well in a variety of conditions. To learn more about third party tests, contact us.

Isn't it tricky to load liquid into plastic paks? How do I know I won't get a box of leaking paks?

PAKIT® undergoes vigorous quality control tests, one of which is pressure testing. It can withstand over 100psi during a 5 minute period.  

What happens if my order is damaged when I receive it?

Occasionally, a package is damaged in transit. Just let us know about it and we'll do what is necessary to make it right. Our return policy is here.

Which of your products have EPA Disinfectant Registrations 

Will you offer portion controlled water soluble liquid cleaning chemicals to retail?

We are reviewing the opportunities available in retail. Certainly the concept has increased retail demand. Consumers are demanding products that are effective, efficient and easy to use. PAK-IT® solutions have a great appeal to this market.

I've seen other cleaning solutions in plastic packages; what makes PAK-IT® unique?

Our technology offers a water soluble pouch that dissolves in water, making other "cut and pour" technologies outdated, tedious and time consuming. Furthermore, we hold the patent on a process which uses one-ply polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) film which dissolves more quickly than any other unit-dose cleaning solution.

Why aren't there phosphates in PAK-IT®?

Phosphates began to replace soap for household purposes after World War II as result of improved availability of resources and a growing problem of poor cleaning performance due to hard water. The negative impact with phosphates occurs when they are emptied into waste systems; they are hard to break down by ordinary waste water processing systems. Entering into streams, lakes and rivers, they increase algae growth and subsequently decrease the oxygen that is needed for healthy aquatic life.  This contributes to the pollution of water bodies. In the 1960's and early 1970's, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario were found to be heavily polluted with phosphates from detergents, and consumer agencies began calling for their ban. The detergent industry continues to use phosphates in their products on a large scale, but individual states can regulate their use in commercial products. Some advantages of phosphates are their helpfulness in softening hard water and aiding in suspending dirt. In very high concentrations, they are also effective in reducing lead dust in places like windowsills. After highly publicized campaigns against the use of phosphates in household detergents, as well as in outdoor cleaning jobs, some manufacturers now offer phosphate-free alternatives for consumer cleaning. Many can be found in natural food stores.

What is the ideal temperature for storing PAK-IT®?

Between 55 - 75 degrees F

Why is it important to use tepid water to dissolve the paks?

It is important to use tepid water because it allows the film to dissolve more quickly and with less agitation by the user. Colder waters take longer for the film to dissolve, although it is just as effective in the "dissolving" of the film. Both ways are fine, but tepid waters are recommended.

Can you mix paks for unique cleaning solutions?

No, we do not recommend mixing paks because each pak has its own soil, substrate and method in which it is uniquely designed to clean.

What's the difference between your window washing liquid and others on the market?

Our Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner differs from most competitor products because Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner is chemically safe for the environment and allows the consumer to breathe freely knowing that our chemicals are non-hazardous to the environment in which we live. Our product also contains no isopropyl alcohol or ammonia, both of which are harmful for the environment.

Why can't you use solvents in the paks?

Actually we do use some solvents in our paks, and most of them are environmentally friendly.

What should I do if a pak leaks onto my hands?

Simply wash your hands in cold water thoroughly. (Note: Warm water allows skin pores to open up and receive the chemical more freely; hence it is important to use cold water).

How long can PAK-IT®  last on my shelf?

PAK-IT® solutions have up to 2 years shelf life.

I have an idea for a product that could go in a PAK, how can I determine if you can make it?

We "white label" or "private label" many products for top name brands around the world. If you'd like to discuss making your product more sustainable please contact us.

What happens if I don't need to use all the solution at one time, can I store the rest?

Yes, most people will not use the product all at once. Storing is fine and the product will not separate, so no need to worry.

Is there a significance to the different colors of the various PAK-IT® solutions?

PAKS are color coordinated with the bottles we produce in which to place them. This way when you have a variety of paks and a variety of bottles you know which pak goes in which bottle easily. This saves time and costly errors compared to other refill methods.

How many times can you refill a PAK-IT® spray bottle?

As many times as you wish. Our spray bottles are designed to be reused over and over again.  

What kind of plastic do you use for the PAK-IT® spray bottles?

PET -- also known as PETE -- is short for polyethylene terephthalate.  When you decide you need new bottles, these can be recycled. Each bottle is stamped with the number 1 enclosed in a triangle. 

Do you need to do anything special with the bottles before recycling them?

A simple rinsing will do.  The solutions are non-toxic and do not require HAZMAT disposal precautions.

How long does it take for a pak to dissolve?

Our paks are designed to dissolve in 1-2 minutes.

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